Interfacial Water Group
Princeton University
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Group Meetings

Fall 2017

12/14/17: Lydia Watt, Alex Byrnes

12/7/17: Mihiro Nomura

11/30/17: Francisco Carrillo

11/9/17: Jennie Willemsen

10/19/17: Emily Sun

10/12/17: Ian Bourg

10/5/17: Xinyi Shen

9/21/17: Tom Underwood

Summer 2017

8/1/17: Jennifer Willemsen

7/18/17: Francisco Carrillo

7/11/17: Emily Sun

6/27/17: Ian Bourg

6/13/17: Ian Bourg

Spring 2017

5/22/17: Ian Bourg

5/8/17: Jennie Willemsen

5/1/17: Sylvia Jacobson, Kanoe Shizuru, Vinicius Amaral, Alison Chang (Senior thesis presentations dry run)

4/24/17: Xinyi Shen, Emily Sun (CEE 509 posters dry run)

4/17/17: Francisco Carrillo

3/27/17: Jennie Willemsen, Vinicius Amaral, Greeshma Gadikota (ACS meeting presentations dry run)

3/06/17: Baptiste Dazas

2/20/17: Ian Bourg

2/13/17: Christophe Tournassat, French Geologic Survey (BRGM)

2/1/17: Ian Bourg

1/18/17: Marie Collin, French Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

Fall 2016

12/9/16: Alison Chang, Kanoe Shizuru, Sylvia Jacobson, Vinicius Amaral

11/18/16: Greeshma Gadikota

11/11/16: Emily Sun

10/21/16: Jennie Willemsen

10/14/16: Ayumi Koishi, University of Grenoble

10/7/16: Baptiste Dazas

9/30/16: Ian Bourg

Summer 2016

9/9/16: Jennifer Willemsen

9/1/16: Michael Holmboe, University of Umeå

8/31/16: Vinicius Amaral

8/17/16: Greeshma Gadikota

7/29/16: Elliot Chang

7/18/16: Karol Kulasinski, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

6/22/16: Baptiste Dazas & Ian Bourg

About our research

Our group examines the fundamental properties of water at interfaces and their impact on chemistry, mechanics, and mass fluxes in natural systems. More

Recent publications

Ian's paper in ES&T reviews current knowledge of the basic science of CO2 trapping in geologic formations.

Ian's paper in ES&T Letters examines the permeability and mechanics of shale and mudstone. More

MD simulation workshop

Michael Holmboe, Laura Lammers, Karol Kulasinski, and Ian will lead a workshop on MD simulations of geochemical systems at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference. More