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June 2017: Baptiste Dazas goes to Poitiers!

Baptiste will take up a position as Assistant Professor at the University of Poitiers, France, as part of the Institute of Chemistry of Porous Media and Materials.

May 2017: Greeshma Gadikota goes to Madison!

Greeshma will to take up a position as Assistant Professor at UW Madison with a join appointment as a Fellow of the Grainger Institute for Engineering within the theme of Energy & Sustainability.

May 2017: Ian's Spring course is in the news.

Ian new course, The Environmental Nexus, was written up by the Princeton Environmental Institute. The course is co-taught with Steve Pacala, Melissa Lane, Robert Nixon, Marc Fleurbaey, Anne Kraepiel, Xinning Zhang, Maddalena Ferrana, and Ian Campbell.

February 2017: Christophe Tournassat visits the lab!

Christophe is a scientist at the French Geologic Survey. He will spend two weeks in Princeton.

January 2017: Francisco Carrillo joins the lab!

Francisco studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He joins the lab as a PhD student.

January 2017: Marie Collin visits the lab (again)!

Marie is a PhD student in Stephane Gin's research group at the French Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). She will spend three months in Princeton.

October 2016: Ayumi Koishi visits the lab!

Ayumi is a PhD student in Alex Fernandez-Martinez's research group at the University of Grenoble. She will spend six months in Princeton with a fellowship from France's Auvergne-Rhones-Alpes region.

September 2016: Xinyi Shen joins the lab!

Xinyi studied Energy and Resources Engineering at Peking University. She joins the lab as a PhD student.

August 2016: Michael Holmboe visits the lab!

Michael is an Assistant Professor at the University of Umeå. He will spend a month in Princeton with support from the Lars Hiertas foundation.

August 2016: Emily Sun joins the lab!

Emily studied Chemistry at McGill University. She joins the lab as a PhD student.

July 2016: Karol Kulasinski visits the lab!

Karol is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Laura Lammers's research group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. He will spend a month in Princeton as part of our collaborative effort with the Lammers group and researchers at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) on cesium adsorption on clay minerals.

June 2016: Elliot Chang joins the lab as a summer intern!

Elliot graduated in 2016 from the CEE Department at Princeton. He will spend the summer in our group before joining the PhD program at UC Berkeley in Fall 2016 as part of Laura Lammers' research group.

May 2016: Marie Collin visits the lab!

Marie is a PhD student at the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA), France, in the group of Stephane Gin. She will visit Princeton for two weeks to plan a collaborative study of the properties of water and ions in silica nanopores.

January 2016: Greeshma Gadikota joins the lab!

Greeshma has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University. She joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

September 2015: Jennifer Willemsen joins the lab!

Jennifer has a BS in Chemistry from Haverford College. She joins the lab as a PhD student.

May 2015: Baptiste Dazas joins the lab!

Baptiste has a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France. He joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

About our research

Our group examines the fundamental properties of water at interfaces and their impact on chemistry, mechanics, and mass fluxes in natural systems. More

Recent publications

Ian's paper in ES&T reviews current knowledge of the basic science of CO2 trapping in geologic formations.

Ian's paper in ES&T Letters examines the permeability and mechanics of shale and mudstone. More

MD simulation workshop

Michael Holmboe, Laura Lammers, Karol Kulasinski, and Ian will lead a workshop on MD simulations of geochemical systems at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference. More